Monday, November 05, 2007

Step by step

Today we took Sean and Colin to the pediatrician. Sean was going for his 3 year well check and Colin for his weight check.

Sean came in at 31 lbs (50th percentile) and 38 inches tall (75th percentile). Everything looked great. Although he was a little nervous about being at the doctor - could it be residual memories from his last visit to a doctor? He refused to stand on the scale (Chris had to get on with him), and he closed his eyes shut tight whenever the doctor or nurse came near him. Of course when his turn was over he was happy little Sean again!

Next up, Mr. Colin. Since his appointment a month ago, Colin has grown an inch to 28 inches and now weighs 17 lbs, 4 oz! He gained a pound and a half in a month and is rapidly approaching the 5th percentile! Actually, Dr. D. told us that she is quite pleased with his weight gain and while we will watch it, she's not worried about him since his blood work came back normal.

After dinner tonight, Chris was sitting on the floor and told Colin to walk to him - ha, I thought, that's a funny one. He held both of Colin's hands and then let go - and wonders of wonders, Colin balanced on his own two feet for almost 30 seconds! We were floored to say the least. Colin just stood there looking back and forth at Chris and I as if to say, "What, did you think I couldn't do this?" We had him recreate the balance and then he ... took ... a ... step!!!! 11 months old and trying to walk. I guess he's trying to make up for being behind on the weight gain by surpassing his brothers in the walking department.

Oh, and I promise to get a better picture. The batteries were dying on the camera, and the little man just moved too quick!

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