Thursday, January 04, 2007

Head, Shoulder, Knees and Broken Foot

Sean, my "middlest" child is a bundle of energy. This is my child who can somehow not take a nap and yet stay up and play with his alphabet puzzle until 10 pm.

Somehow on New Year's Day, Sean managed to get hurt. Neither Chris nor I know how it happened. One minute he was happy, the next he was crying and inconsolable. He didn't want to put any weight on his feet. When he woke up on Tuesday, his right foot was very swollen and while he was walking again, he was walking on the outside of his right foot. I called the pediatrician and took him in. They said it looked like a UWA - an unwitnessed accident. I recall a similar phrase in college; an UPW - unidentified party wound - "Hey, where did this bruise come from? What was I doing last night?" But I digress :-)

Sean, Colin and I trooped to the orthopod on Wednesday. The nice thing about registering a toddler at a new doctor is that I could answer "no" to all the questions about smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and all the "old people" diseases! Let's just say that Sean is not a big fan of getting an x-ray. I had to hold him - fortunately I know that there's no way I'm pregnant at the current time :-) - nothing like a squirmy toddler and trying to get his foot to stay still! When all was said and done, the doctor found a small fracture in the top of his foot. When Dr. Wilson asked if Sean was active, I asked Dr. Wilson if he'd ever met a 2 year old? We decided that it was best to put him in a cast for the next 2 weeks. Sean is also not a fan of casting! He is now sporting a dinosaur half boot. Hardwood floors and casts aren't a really good combination if anyone is wondering. Sean has taken to crawling again.

Since he had such a rough day I decided to spend some extra special "mommy" time with him before he went to bed. We went into the nursery and rocked for awhile; Sean was straddling my left leg and laid his head on my shoulder - I just love the snuggle. I was reminded as we rocked together that this time won't last forever. There will be a day in the not too near future where he doens't want to be held by his mommy, or if he agrees to be held, he won't want to sit there for a long time together. I was just breathing in his essence, when he pulled back a little bit and looked at me. I kept my eyes closed, and the next thing I knew, I felt Sean touching my eye, then my other eye. Next he touched my right ear, followed by my mouth and nose. I then felt a little hand touch the top of my head and then my shoulder followed by a moment of pause while he tried to figure out how to reach down to touch my knees and toes. Yes, my "middlest" man was singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in his head and wanted to act it out on his mommy! It was just the cutest thing ever and I had a really hard time pretending to still be asleep - I really just wanted to laugh out loud.


MaryM said...

So sorry to hear about your little guy. Prayers for quick and complete healing.

Jennifer in TX said...

I am sorry to hear about your poor little man's foot! :( Praying for a quick healing and congratulations on your new baby--his picture on your blog is darling!