Friday, January 12, 2007

Ten Things I Love That Begin With "O"

I saw this meme at Dawn's blog By Sun and Candlelight. Dawn assigned me the letter O, which I thought would be hard, but once I put my thinking cap on I came up with more than 10 but reigned myself in. And so, without further ado, here's my list:

  1. Orange Juice - Okay, this one is purely because of the moment I'm in. I've been sick for the past couple of days, and have consumed about a gallon of the liquid orange.
  2. Ocean - For the past 6 years my parents have rented a house right on the ocean's doorstep in the Outer Banks. It has been the most recuperative week of the year for me every year. When I was a little girl, my dad's dad told me that it was his ocean, and now my kids think that it's "Grampa's Ocean". There is nothing more beautiful than sitting out on the deck watching the sun rise, and seeing all of God's creation moving in rhythm.
  3. Online - I would be remiss if I didn't mention this one. My husband teases me that my name is Compaq :-) Actually I enjoy being online to connect with friends and family.
  4. October - This is the month that Chris and I got married, so it is one of my favorite months of the year. Sean was also born this month.
  5. Oven - I love to cook and bake. This was one of the selling points to my husband from our mutual friends who set us up.
  6. Our - Father who art in heaven...My faith is such an important part of my life, and this reminds me of my devotion to saying the Rosary nightly.
  7. Open - This is how I would descibe my life. From my home being open to friends at any time, to my life being an open book to my friends. Speaking of books, I do love to open a good new book and immerse myself in it.
  8. Oklahoma - This is the place I consider my childhood home. I lived there between the ages of 7 and almost 14. I often have what I call "Oklahoma dreams".
  9. Order - This is one of those goals that I have for myself - to stay organized and keep my house in order. It has always been a struggle for me, but I'm working hard at it.
  10. Oh - Holy Night - one of my favorite Christmas carols. Having just left the Christmas season and moving into Ordinary time has made me realize just how powerful the words to this song are to me.

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Jane Ramsey said...

Great list, Cindy!