Monday, July 19, 2010

Signs and Mysteries - A Review

As part of The Catholic Company's Reviewer program, I get the opportunity to review different products that they have in exchange for offering my opinion on them. This review is for a book, Signs and Mysteries - Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols.

I originally chose this book because I was interested in learning more about the early Christians and how they marked themselves as Christians during a dangerous time to openly be a Christian. While this book does offer insight on how these early Christians used symbols to mark themselves as Christians, there was not as much new information as I was hoping for.There were a few symbols that I had not heard of before, such as the phoenix representing Christ and his resurrection, but overall, the symbols discussed in the book were not new to me. It was interesting to see pictures of different artifacts through the years that incorporated the symbols, however, I don't feel that I learned a whole lot more than I already knew.

Overall, the book was well written, the chapters short enough to hold a person's attention, and the photos added to the interest. I think this book would be a great introduction to Christianity for someone who is newly exploring their faith more in depth.