Saturday, May 09, 2009

Motherhood and the Chalice


A good mother’s life is like a chalice.
It is a precious vessel dedicated in the deepest
sense to the service of God.
Sometimes, as with the chalice,
its depths are glowing with the wine of joy.
And sometimes it feels the tiny splash of a few drops
of water that fall into it like tears.
Like a chalice, too, sometimes it is lifted up
and sometimes brought low.
But always it is sanctified by the Presence,
undoubted, though unseen, of Our Blessed Savior.
Because a good Mother’s Sacrifice can be repaid only
by the Sacrifice of the Mass, I send this Mass to you.

God Bless!
Father Eamon

This was written by our pastor and sent out to all the members of our parish. What a beautiful tribute and reminders to mothers everywhere. Happy Mother's Day!