Monday, September 29, 2008

Pizza Party

I helped put on a retreat for my church 2 weeks ago. When Chris picked me up at the end the day of Sunday I was totally exhausted. But, we had to go to the grocery store to get the fixings to have Family Pizza Night! See, while I was at church on Saturday night, Chris ordered pizza for he and the boys. Now, as you have probably gathered from other posts, my boys are a wee bit picky when it comes to food. The only pizza that they will eat is bacon pizza hold the sauce. Despite ordering the pizza this way, when the pizza arrived, there was sauce. Major catastrophe ensued. So to make it up, we were going to make our own pizza.

Daddy was in charge of "rolling" out the dough.

Sean was in charge of the cheese.

Brian was in charge of the bacon.

And Colin was in charge of taste-testing the bacon prior to the pizza!

The pizzas turned out really yummy. Although there was a little "issue" with Brian's pizza when it first came out of the oven. I guess it wasn't cooked enough - who knows. Chris put it back in the oven as the oven was cooling down - and then he forgot it. When he remembered to check on the pizza it was a wee bit overcooked. Surprisingly, for Brian is was perfect!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Check out our "E" week fun

Check out St. Anne's Academy and see what we did over "E" week.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cookout with the family

This post is way overdue...

Labor Day weekend (see, I told you it was overdue!) we went over to Uncle Lou and Aunt Lori's house for a cookout.
In addition to having us over, Gramma & Grampa were there - always love seeing Gramma & Grampa! Lori also invited 2 of her friends from her Mom's Group and their kids to come play as well. This worked out quite well, since Drew was at Kelsey's 1st birthday party.
As you can see, Brian and Sean had a BALL playing with Drew.
Kelsey was dying to get outside and play with the bigger kids.
And Colin was caught in the act of being just too cute for words! He's getting so big - I keep wondering where my little bitty baby went. Can you believe he's going to be 2 in a couple of months??!!
I truly enjoy the blessing of living near family. I love the fact that my children have the opportunity to know their aunts and uncles and cousins in a way that I never got to. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful life growing up, but moving around the country the way we did never afforded us the chance to be around our extended family the way our boys have been.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If I lived in the 1400s...

Your result for The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test...

The Prioress

You scored 8% Cardinal, 67% Monk, 56% Lady, and 35% Knight!

You are a moral person and are also highly intellectual. You like your solitude but are also kind and helpful to those around you. Guided by a belief in the goodness of mankind you will likely be christened a saint after your life is over.

You scored high as both the Lady and the Monk. You can try again to get a more precise description of either the Monk or the lady, or you can be happy that you're an individual.

Take The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test at HelloQuizzy

Pretty fair description, I think. HT: Margaret in Minnesota

Monday, September 15, 2008

Catholic Voter's Guide

As we approach this election, those of us who are Catholic are being called upon to make a moral stand. I don't care if you are voting for dog catcher or the president - if you take your Catholic faith seriously, you must "cast your vote in an informed manner consistent with Catholic moral teachings and fundamental human rights." (Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics)

It is our duty to vote. It is one of the duties we bear as citizens of this nation; the greatest nation in the world. Men and women have fought and died for the freedom we possess, and for this, we must take our duty seriously as well. As a Catholic, we have an added responsibility - "A well formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program or an individual law that contradicts the fundamental content of faith and morals" (CLP 4)

Some things are always wrong. There are 5 non-negotiable issues which we as Catholics must use as our litmus test when it comes to whether or not to vote for a candidate, whether on the local, state or national level. These are:

1. Abortion - Our Church states "it is never to obey it, or take part in a propaganda campaign in favor of such a law, or vote for it" (EV 73) There is a reason that this is the number one non-negotiable issue when it comes to voting.

2. Euthanasia - Again, another issue of killing innocents. It is unacceptable to kill someone - even when you frame it in the pretty terms of a "mercy killing". Killing, is killing. You cannot square up killing as a "compassionate act". It just isn't.

3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research - There are no valid medical reasons to destroy human embryonic beings in order to obtain the embryonic stem cells when they can be obtained from adults and those will provide the same if not better results. And even if there were valid medical reasons, again, it is not morally acceptable to harm these innocents.

4. Human Cloning - This is explicitly against the Church's teaching on the dignity and purpose of a marriage - to procreate. Additionally, when cloning occurs, the rejected or unacceptable clones are destroyed. See Non-Negotiable Issue #1 - since each of these clones are a human being, they are being killed.

5. Homosexual "Marriage" - Marriage is the union of a man and a woman - period. Homosexuality is immoral, and the promotion of "marriage" between homosexuals is doing a disservice to those people who are already living in an immoral state. The Church believes that when it comes to legislature that "the Catholic lawmaker has a moral duty to express his opposition clearly and publicly and to vote against it. To vote in favor of a law so harmful to the common good is gravely immoral."

So what is a faithful Catholic to do with this? When comparing candidates, you must:

1. Not merely vote based on political parties. Nor just because your parents or grandparents voted a particular party. You need to research each candidate and find out what their positions are regarding the Non-Negotiable Issues.

2. Not vote for someone because they are a "star", "look good" or say what sounds good. This should really be a no-brainer.

3. Not vote for someone because they say they are Catholic. There are plenty of candidates and politicians who say they are "Catholic" but do not espouse basic Catholic teaching.

4. Determine which candidate can promote the common good, versus "what's in it for me".

5. Not vote for candidates who are "right" on lesser issues but morally wrong on the 5 Non-Negotiable Issues. There are a reason why they are in the order they are in. If both candidates that you are comparing do not espouse the Catholic view on issues 2-5, but one of them is in favor of abortion, and the other is not - the choice should be obvious as to which candidate you should cast your vote for. Our duty is to vote for the candidate who is most likely to do the most good -or worst case, the one likely to do the least harm.

When it comes to Election Day - or any day really - our conscience should be our warning bell that we are about to do something wrong. The problem is that many Catholics aren't informed enough on key issues that are intrinsic to their faith. When this is the case, their conscience isn't trained to "sound off". If you are unsure of what to do, place your faith in the unwavering teachings of the Church - you will always make a moral decision.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Start of a Season

Today was the season "opener" for our Homeschool Sports T-Ball/Softball program. Ever since we signed Brian up for T-ball, he has been talking non-stop about how much he loves baseball, and how he is going to be the best baseball player in the whole world. And if he makes a mistake, that's o.k., he'll just keep practicing.

The morning dawned, and we were getting ready to head out as a family to the park. Brian decided that he didn't want to use a glove - he only wanted to use a bat, because bat starts with "b" like Brian. When we got to the park, he wanted nothing to do with joining in with the other kids. He wanted Daddy to hold him, and he wouldn't look at anyone else. Fortunately we were with a group of Christian families, and no one thought anything of it. We followed Miss Angela, and Miss Andrea (2 homeschooled teenage girls) over to the younger kid's field. Chris stayed with Brian while I took Sean and Colin over to the playground equipment. When we came back over to the field, Brian was getting ready to get up to bat for the second time.
Here Brian is getting some coaching from his daddy. Chris was so wonderfully patient with him - not surprising!
Brian hit the ball off the tee all by himself this time. This is a picture of him running towards 1st base. As you can see, I hadn't taken the lens off zoom before he hit the ball! He got a little confused and started running towards the ball/pitcher's mound. Then he wanted Chris to run with him.
When Brian's "team" took the field, he played shortstop, and 3rd base. Chris stayed with him in the field. Brian almost got the ball one time, but a gaggle of other kids were running for it, and managed to get there first. But it was really neat to hear the "coaches" and some of the kids say "Brian, get the ball." - very encouraging atmosphere.

Our time ended with a reading from Samuel and a prayer. Then the kids headed over to the playground for a rousing game of freeze tag. The older kids were so sweet to Brian - explaining how to freeze.

I got to start meeting other moms who homeschool near us and have children near in age to our kids. I am so excited that I found this group of homeschoolers and am looking forward to getting to know these women and their children better.

What Happens When Mommy is on the Phone Making a Playdate!

A certain someone gets into the peanut butter jar!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Welcoming the newest "member" of our family

No, I'm not pregnant! We adopted a cat today. Introducing Darcy...
Brian calls her the "lovey-est cat in the whole world".
It's been 2 years since our cat, Meaghan died. I wasn't even thinking about getting another cat until a couple of weeks ago when Brian's assistant CCD teacher asked me if we would want a kitten. Chris and I talked about it and decided that we weren't quite ready to take on a kitten with homeschooling and everything else going on in our lives.

However, Brian and I stopped by Petsmart yesterday and they were having adoptions. I saw a cat that reminded me of Meaghan - she was always more like a dog than a cat! I brought the idea up again to Chris. He eventually warmed up to the idea and we went back to Petsmart today. Of course today there were different cats there! We just decided to check out the cats at the store today. And then, Darcy adopted us!

She's 4 months old and is considered a "tuxedo" cat because of her pretty black and white markings. She is an absolute lover - just comes right up to you and will give you kisses. This is going to be a fun new adventure in our lives. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's Speech

Oh, I can't tell you how proud I was while watching Sarah Palin accept the nomination for the Vice Presidency. She was so eloquent, well-spoken, and funny! She is going to be a "pit bull with lipstick" when it comes to holding Biden and Obama's feet to the fire.

Here's a link to her speech.

Some of the highlights for me were:
"...two decades and five children later he's still my guy" - has nothing to do with politics, but is evidence of her love of her family.

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities. I might add that in small towns, we don't quite know what to make of a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they are listening, and then talks about how bitterly they cling to their religion and guns when those people aren't listening." - nice dig!

"But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion - I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country." - go get 'em!!

"...we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and ... a servant's heart.
I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as vice president of the United States." - we will hold you to that promise, but I certainly feel your servant's spirit.

"But the fact that drilling won't solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. " - AMEN!

"But listening to him speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform - not even in the state senate." - ouch, but true!

"In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers.
And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change." - And this is why John McCain needs to be the next president of the United States!

I Had Tears in My Eyes Tonight

As I was putting Brian and Sean to bed tonight, the boys said their prayers like they normally do. Brian said his prayers first. His new way of saying prayers involves him saying "Now I Lay Me", then me saying a "Hail Mary", and then Brian saying "Our Father". After Brian and I were done, I moved over to Sean's bed for his prayers. While listening to Sean's prayers, I heard Brian in his bed talking to himself as he was "writing" on his Doodle Pad.

Afterwards he told me that he was writing a note to Daddy and I to tell us he thanks God for all of the good things he has. Then he stopped. "Mommy, I have to write God a note, too!" Here's Brian's "note" to God.

Dearest God,
I love you so very much. Thank you for all of the things that you give to me. They are really cool things. Thank you so much. I love you.


I guess when Chris and I talk, Brian is listening.