Monday, September 08, 2008

Start of a Season

Today was the season "opener" for our Homeschool Sports T-Ball/Softball program. Ever since we signed Brian up for T-ball, he has been talking non-stop about how much he loves baseball, and how he is going to be the best baseball player in the whole world. And if he makes a mistake, that's o.k., he'll just keep practicing.

The morning dawned, and we were getting ready to head out as a family to the park. Brian decided that he didn't want to use a glove - he only wanted to use a bat, because bat starts with "b" like Brian. When we got to the park, he wanted nothing to do with joining in with the other kids. He wanted Daddy to hold him, and he wouldn't look at anyone else. Fortunately we were with a group of Christian families, and no one thought anything of it. We followed Miss Angela, and Miss Andrea (2 homeschooled teenage girls) over to the younger kid's field. Chris stayed with Brian while I took Sean and Colin over to the playground equipment. When we came back over to the field, Brian was getting ready to get up to bat for the second time.
Here Brian is getting some coaching from his daddy. Chris was so wonderfully patient with him - not surprising!
Brian hit the ball off the tee all by himself this time. This is a picture of him running towards 1st base. As you can see, I hadn't taken the lens off zoom before he hit the ball! He got a little confused and started running towards the ball/pitcher's mound. Then he wanted Chris to run with him.
When Brian's "team" took the field, he played shortstop, and 3rd base. Chris stayed with him in the field. Brian almost got the ball one time, but a gaggle of other kids were running for it, and managed to get there first. But it was really neat to hear the "coaches" and some of the kids say "Brian, get the ball." - very encouraging atmosphere.

Our time ended with a reading from Samuel and a prayer. Then the kids headed over to the playground for a rousing game of freeze tag. The older kids were so sweet to Brian - explaining how to freeze.

I got to start meeting other moms who homeschool near us and have children near in age to our kids. I am so excited that I found this group of homeschoolers and am looking forward to getting to know these women and their children better.

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Megan said...

I'll never forget the first time Michael played baseball, in the middle of practice he ran from 3rd base straight to me. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "The coach told me to run to home."