Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New School

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted. It's also been a long time since we have had school here at Kelly's Klassroom. The last trimester of my pregnancy was a tough one. We found out that I had a large kidney stone in my left kidney and was in the hospital twice in a week at the end of September. I had a stent inserted and then spent the next 3 months dealing with the pain of the stent/kidney stone. I was put on Vicodin for the pain. So needless to say, school took a bit of a backseat for the last half of the year.

Baby Colin was born on December 2nd after a tough end of the pregnancy. He was 35 weeks, 5 days when he was born and started out having some difficulty breathing, but that was resolved in the first 8 hours. He was then put on withdrawal watch. The NICU doctors were concerned about withdrawal symptoms from the Vicodin. We were told that it was possible that he would have to remain in the NICU for upwards of 2-3 weeks. Through the many prayers of family and friends, Colin was able to come home with me. Our pediatrician says that he looks perfect. He is our miracle baby.

So school will be beginning in earnest here in January. We will be getting back into BFIAR and starting with The Snowy Day since in theory there could be snow in January! We're going to be doing an art project, making memories, and working with our magnet board to recreate the story. Brian and Sean both received lots of Melissa and Doug "toys" for Christmas, so we will be doing lots of manipulative play together in addition to our reading. The other night I got very motivated and organized our school room which is in the basement. We have a language area, a math area, an art shelf, our religion shelf, puzzles area and manipulatives area. I am now very excited about our new year of learning together.

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Mandy said...

We're doing a unit study on winter (snow) and reading The Snowy Day for B4FIAR too. How fun!!