Monday, October 02, 2006

First time for everything

Well, here I go - I'm going to enter the great big world of blogging! I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but thought I should take the time to enter my thoughts and feelings as my family enters the wonderful world of homeschooling.

As I sit here typing, many "interesting" things are happening in our family that are affecting our attempt at homeschooling. My children are 3 and almost 2, so I decided to use Before Five in a Row to "do" pre-school for my boys. We made it through about 2 books before my kidneys decided to join the party. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, and found out (the hard way I might add!) that I have a 5 mm kidney stone in my left kidney. The pain was so bad that it sent me to the hospital twice in the past week and a half. The second stay in the hospital resulted in "minor" surgery; althought my father always says that surgery is minor only if it's happening to someone else! I had a stent inserted into my ureter in an attempt to keep my kidney draining. The stent will need to remain in place for the next 78 days until I deliver the baby. At that point they will remove the stent and then perform lithotripsy to break the stone up so that it can pass on its own. While I am happy that my kidney is going to drain, there is a high probability that I will continue to have pain for the remainder of my pregnancy. Oh, and to add insult to injury, I found out this morning that I "failed" my 1 hour glucose test! Like I need something else to take away from my children.

My plan is to be able to get this pain under control so that I can get back to teaching my children through the beauty of books. Watching my boys remember portions of the stories that we read, doing the activities, and being able to tell Daddy all about "school" when he got home was such an amazing experience. I love being able to connect with my children and show them the wonders of the world in a way they would never truly get in a traditional school. I'm looking forward to this journey.

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