Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beauty in the most unexpected moments

I've been running through the past week on adrenaline, and an occassional nap. Colin has decided that he wants nothing more than to be held throughout the night, and don't you dare think about putting him in the co-sleeper - he lets everyone know his displeasure at that one.

So on the eve of turning 1 month old, we began our dance again around midnight. I nursed him to sleep (HA!), swaddled him and tucked him into his bed. Moments later he announced that he was through sleeping by himself. I picked him up and snuggled him with me while we watched the end of the crazy Fiesta Bowl where OU managed to choke away the game to some wacky lateral pass touchdown and 2 point conversion by Boise State (home of the Blue field BTW). Chris turns to me after the game is over and says "Why don't you just lay him down?" Oh sure, why didn't I think of that? :-) Of course, 1 minute after being put in his bed, Colin registers his complaint with the management. Chris kindly tried to comfort Colin so that I could get some rest. I ended up telling Chris to go back to the bed and I would take care of the baby.

As I sat in the dark in the nursery rocking my precious child I began to say my nightly rosary - I was saying the Joyful mysteries last night and thought how appropriate to be thinking of the baby Jesus as I held this miracle in my arms. As I was reveling in the beauty of the moment, the wind began to pick up. Now our house is across from an open field and when there is any wind it really blows at our house. The important part of the wind blowing comes in the fact that for my birthday this past summer, Chris gave me the most beautiful wind chimes that sound just like church bells ringing for the evening vespers. As I held my child and contemplated Mary's life with Jesus I listened to the chimes and felt so at peace and so close to God. My exhaustion just flew out the window as I immersed myself in His love for me and the beautiful gifts that He has given me in the form of my loving husband and children.

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Kimberlee said...

This is beautiful post, Cindy! Enjoy, they grow up so fast!