Friday, November 30, 2007

Playing on the playground

Every time we go to see how our new house is coming along, Brian and Sean (without fail, I might add) ask as we enter and as we exit the neighborhood if we can play on the playground. For a long time I told them that it wasn't quite ready to be played on - actually I wasn't sure if we were allowed to play on it!

Finally, I broke down. We trundled out of the car and hit the equipment running! The boys had a ball, I wasn't stressed out about being at a large playground and keeping my eye on them (there are only 2 other houses occupied in the neighborhood right now!) and they got to run some of the crazies off. (There's a discussion going on over at the 4 Real Boards about boys and inside rowdiness right now.) Now, we make it a point to try and stop for some playing time whenever we go over to the new neighborhood.


Lori Beth said...

Is sean in his PJ's?????

Cindy said...

Despite popular opinion that they never get out of their pajamas, that is actually clothing courtesy of Cousin Dylan :-)

Lori Beth said...

LOL..... :-)