Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No, Colin is not in a construction zone!

But boy, does the tile at my parent's house look an awful lot like the tile that's
in our new house! [theirs is bigger though;-)]
Scenes from the front door.
Looking from the front door to the living/dining room. That hallway in the
back leads to the kitchen. The alcove back there is the laundry closet.
Standing by my "stove" looking across the kitchen into the family room.
The door leads to Chris' office.

Everything is starting to come together. I went into the house today to measure the windows to start pricing out window treatments (yikes!). While I was there, the plumber and electrician were working hard putting in all of the appliances, light fixtures, air conditioning units (yes, we have dual zones, baby!), toilets, sinks, etc. All of the cabinets and counter tops are installed in the kitchen. I met the construction supervisor today and he assured me that he should have our house complete and to settlement by the third week in December at the latest!!!! Alleluia! Less than a month to go and we can start settling back into some sense of normalcy. I can't wait. Check back to see the latest and greatest updates on our home sweet home.

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Elizabeth Foss said...

It's really looking like home, isn't it? makes me miss you...