Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What would you do?

Since I'm not feeling very creative as of late, and my posts have been a little light, I thought I would get my juices flowing by visiting The Daily Meme. They tout themselves as "an easy spot to find a meme to blog about". And they're right. When I'm feeling less than motivated, I pop on over and can usually find something to kick start my brain. I will warn you that there is at least one "naughty" meme site that's linked on here; you can tell what it is from the description, and I just avoid it altogether so for me, no harm, no foul. Now on with the meme!

What would you do first if you were given $1000 and the day off of work?

Now, there are 2 ways that I would approach this - the responsible way, and the totally frivolous.

Responsible Cindy says:

I would take a small portion of the money and go to a book store and buy 3 or 4 good books. Then I would take the day and go to the beach, the park, a coffee shop and just lounge around and read all day. No interruptions, just pure unadulterated bliss for me being curled up with a book that just grabs my attention and doesn't let it go. What would I do with the rest of the money you ask? Well, I would put it in the "house" fund to go towards getting our new house put together.

Frivolous Cindy says:

I would run to the nearest spa and spend the day there being pampered from head to toe. I would get an Imperial Signature spa manicure/pedicure (with intense Callus treatment - more than you wanted to know I'm sure), an Imperial Signature facial (including a collagen eye treatment for those tired, puffy eyes!), a Chocolate Mousse body wrap, and an Executive Hot Stone massage. And with the leftover money (which surprisingly I would have almost $200 leftover even after tipping!) I would take my honey out to a really nice dinner - just the two of us - to a place where they don't serve chicken and french fries!


Terry said...

This is a no-brainer. I would hop on a plane to New York City, take a taxi cab to Saks Fifth Avenue and buy a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes!

Cindy said...

I forgot...you love the shoes!