Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween with Leighton

Halloween was not just one night for us this year. Last Friday we attended Boo at the Zoo with our friends Mr. Tommy, Ms. Kellie and Leighton. The Brevard Zoo closes early in the afternoon and then re-opens at 4:30 for trick or treating. We had such a fun time wandering around in the early evening hours with all of the animals and other kids;

(here's the new baby jaguar)

stopping at the various treat stations along the way. We also rode the Boo Train and got "shrunk" by the bad witch. Fortunately we found all of the monkeys and got "big" again!

Finally, we saw one of the tapirs - normally they are laying about during the day so it was neat to see them up and about.

We continued our Halloween fun last night over at Leighton's house. Tonight Leighton left her Tinkerbell outfit behind and was transformed into Princess Jasmine. She took to the role and posed for the camera.
Chris and the boys right before they headed out to wander the neighborhood.
Colin didn't get much in the way of loot - could be because I didn't buy him a pumpkin! - but he got some animal crackers that he had a great time banging about and gnawing on the package. He hung out with Chris giving out candy to the neighborhood kids.
Mr. Tommy, Ms. Kellie and Leighton before the gathering began.
A rare picture of the whole family. Normally I'm wielding the camera so it was nice to get in a shot with all my men!
During the evening we had a little excitement at the house. A corn snake slithered itself up into the engine block of my car - yuck! A neighbor tried to scare it out to no avail, and told me I would probably end up driving it home to our house. Fortunately it came out on its own and another neighbor picked it up and took it down the block. Our apartment is definitely not big enough for 5 people and a snake!

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