Saturday, November 17, 2007

Safe Start

With the move to Florida, we are taking water safety much more seriously. Brian and Sean are taking swimming lessons, and we have enrolled Colin in a program called Safe Start. The premise of the program is to teach children as young as 10 months to be able to turn from being face down in the water and get themselves into a comfortable back float position. The child starts the 6 week program in bathing suits and learn the proper position for back floating. By the end of the program, the child knows how to float in street clothes as this is how most children are dressed when they fall into a pool or lake.

This isn't a program to teach Colin how to swim, but how to save his life should the unthinkable happen. We go to the pool Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. The lesson is only 10 minutes long, which doesn't sound like a lot of time until you are listening to your child cry for 10 straight minutes! We just completed our first week of the program and Colin is already getting very good at his back float. After Thanksgiving Ms. Carmen will turn him to his belly and teach him how to roll onto his back. I'm amazed I hadn't heard about this program or that more areas don't offer it. I feel so blessed that we are in an area where we can take advantage of this life-saving program.

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