Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Boy LOVES his A-B-Cs!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've always had a love of the English language. I may not be able to parse a sentence, and the comma is my friend (too much so!), but I do love to use words (and here's a way to expand your vocabulary and help end world hunger) . And I think Sean may follow in my footsteps.

This child loves the alphabet. And when I say "loves", I mean is obsessed! He began his fascination before he was 2. Brian received some of the Leap Frog videos for his birthday and we were watching them daily. Both boys would ask to watch Baby Tad. We started with The Letter Factory, moved on to the Talking Words Factory, Code Word Caper and Storybook Factory.

By the time I took Sean to the pediatrician for his 2 year well check, he knew all of his letters and the sounds they made. I remember sitting in the waiting room and Sean was looking at a picture on the wall and was reading off all the different letters and telling me what each letter "says". Another woman turned to me and asked me how old he was. When I told her he was 2 she was shocked - she couldn't believe how much he knew. This was only the beginning ...

Now Sean occupies his time reading any number of alphabet books. Among his favorites are An Alphabet of Catholic Saints, Waldorf Alphabet Book and a little Farm Alphabet book that my mom picked up at the Dollar Spot at Target - she got her money's worth on that one! And yes, this is a picture of Sean sleeping with one of his alphabet books - you can see it tucked under him!

He also loves working with our Movable Alphabet and Motor Letters. He will spell simple words - "Mommy, that spells pig!", practice the motion for making the letters. He can occupy himself for hours.

I love that I don't have to press him to "learn" his letters. He has taken an interest and is making it his own and learning more than I could probably "teach" him on my own. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

ETA - I just read on Lori's blog that immersing our children in a rich vocabulary is crucial. My dad was way before his time!

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