Sunday, July 08, 2007

Colin at 7 months

Okay, so I totally missed posting about Colin at 6 months - bad mommy. So here's the skinny (literally) on Col Kel, as we affectionately call the little man...

At his 6 month check-up, Colin dropped of the chart for weight. He was hugging the 5th percentile line there for awhile, but back in June he just leveled off. Now, none of my boys are behemoths, but the doctor want to bring him back in for a weight check in about a week (at Brian's 4 year well check). So I've been feeding this boy like crazy! Nursing, nursing, nursing. Chris will come in the room and say, "Again?" - the boy needs some meat on his bones! Say a quick prayer, if you don't mind, that everything is fine with my little man.

Colin is just the happiest baby around town - he is always smiling, and laughing. He loves to laugh at Sean especially. That's because Sean loves to get right in Colin's face and laugh at him! We still have to yell at lovingly remind Sean not to "love Colin to death".

"I Get Around" by the Beach Boys
could be Colin's new theme song. This boy can move! He is rolling, and scooting, and just getting around all over the place. He is never in the same place you leave him for very long. Too much to see, and too much to do/try to put in his mouth!

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Jane Ramsey said...

He's adorable! I can see why you call him your little peanut! What a cutie.
I'll keep him in prayer, that he will continue to gain the weight he needs.