Sunday, July 08, 2007

Independence Day 2007

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday. It reminds us of the freedom that is ours by the grace of God, and defended by our men and women in uniform as well as in the intelligence field. Sometimes those in the intelligence community are not given credit for their role in protecting our freedom. Many times they are held accountable for the mistakes, but many, many lives have been saved by these brave men and women who work behind the scenes. Their victories will go unpublished, but please say a prayer for these men and women as you remember your freedom.

The holiday began for us on the 3rd of July. Our "town" puts on a wonderful celebration that evening. This year we were joined by some of the Foss children - whom I lovingly refer to as
The "Fosslings"
My kids just adore these children and had a great time running around with them during and after the fireworks display. In addition to the fun, I managed to work in a vocabulary lesson for Nicholas it seems. He was concerned that we were facing the wrong direction to watch the fireworks since someone shot off a firework on the golf course behind us. I reassured him that it was just a "random" firework, not the official ones, and that it is actually "illegal" to shoot off the big fireworks unless you are trained to do so. Elizabeth told me that when he came home he was telling her all about the "random, and illegal" fireworks, and how they were just so "random" and very "illegal". Who knew I'd be teaching at 10pm?

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