Monday, July 16, 2007

Boy oh Boy oh Boy - Oh Joy!

I am the mother of 3 boys. Many people have told me that my place in heaven is assured because I am the mom to 3 boys. Well, I think I'm getting an early glimpse of heaven right here on earth because I'm the mom of 3 boys!

I have always loved boys - way back to the 2nd grade when my friend Karen and I would chase these 2 boys around the playground. I have always had male friends. I just like to surround myself with boys. Now my life is full of boys - 3 little boys (and 1 big boy!).

I remember when my mom described to me how she felt when she had my brother Michael. I was her first-born. When she gave birth to Michael 2.5 years later and the doctor said "It's a boy!", my mom's first thought was, "I can't make a boy, I'm a girl!". Then later she was just enthralled with the fact that she had helped to create this totally unique person who was so completely different from her.

I feel the exact same way about my little men. They are so different, physically at least, than I, but that fact often reminds me of the absolutely perfect miracle that bearing children is. I carried 3 separate human beings inside me that were not clones of myself, but a combination of Chris and I - bearing a more striking resemblance to Chris than to myself!

Having little boys around all day is tiring for sure, but is also a joy. I have become well versed in all things Thomas. I get down on the floor and race cars and trains around. I have the distinct opportunity to teach my boys about washing their hands thoroughly since they don't have a problem with playing in the dirt (or the sand in the road left over from the snow plows this past winter - yuck!). I see soccer and baseball in my future. I revel in their little boy smell after they have been running around and playing hard. I often have to remind myself that my little men are more adventurous than some little girls and that it's okay for them to run and jump and just not want to sit still. It takes getting used to (even 4 years later), but I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge.

I'm getting the chance to experience "boy" games, and the chance to teach my boys how to treat women. My parents always made sure that when my brothers and sister and I were growing up that we learned that it is okay for a boy to clean the kitchen and a girl to mow the grass. These are things I want to impart to my boys. I want to help them grow up into good Catholic men who will be wonderful husbands and fathers just like their daddy.

While I would enjoy and love having a little girl, for now I am enjoying my chance to be queen of my house. And as I tell people all the time, there is nothing better than a boy's love for his mommy. I am triply blessed to receive that unconditional love.


Jane Ramsey said...

You did a fine job of capturing the joy of having boys!

betty said...

You are blessed indeed! Loved your post!