Sunday, July 08, 2007

Play Ball - or "What we did for the 4th of July"

The Fourth of July started out a little more humid that the previous days had been - I mean, come on, it's July already, what should one expect here? We had tickets to see a minor league baseball game that evening with some friends and Grampa.

By late afternoon, terrible thunderstorms were racing across the area - sightings of tornadoes were abounding as well as nickel sized hail! I grabbed the phone and called down to the stadium to make sure the game was still on before we headed out there. The woman who answered the phone seemed a little puzzled by my questions and told me that the game was still on.

When we got to the stadium it was apparent why she was confused by my question. It was beautiful. A few scattered high clouds, no humidity, sun shining down on the fans and players. It was a perfect evening for a baseball game. Brian and Sean were a little more restless at this game than they were the week before, but all in all, they had a fabulous time. Brian kept wanting the players to "hit the ball to me", so he could catch it in his mitt. Sean spent the majority of the game on his Grampa's lap. Colin is starting to teethe, as evidenced by the constant hand in the mouth position he now assumes.

And the fireworks at the end of the game were spectacular - a fitting tribute to our country and our freedom.

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