Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swimming 101

Brian & Sean have graduated from the Preschool Swimming Lessons! It was an exhausting 2 weeks, but I am so glad we enrolled them.

The concept of swimming lessons was an exciting one for both Brian & Sean. However, once we got to the reality of going to the lesson and seeing 2 of the 4 other class participants crying, the boys weren't so sure about the concept of getting in the pool with this stranger. I literally chased Brian around the pool deck to catch him. I paid good money for these lessons, and darn it, he was going to enjoy them! After my friend's daughters pried the boys off of my legs and carried them into the pool, things got a little better. They were still unsure of Ms. Courtney, but at least they were in the water and weren't screaming. Keep in mind, this is only a half hour lesson, and what I just described was only Day1!

Day 2 was Brian's day to shine. He got in the pool without a lot of prodding and kicked his feet while holding onto the barbell. Sean, on the other hand, was a little more freaked out reluctant. Once again, little girls were a big help!

Day 3 we had a little role reversal. I guess Sean thought more about it, and fell in love with Ms. Courtney. You should have heard the love in his voice when he told you his teacher's name! He was ready to fly - or swim - to the ends of the earth for Ms. Courtney. Brian, inherited the shy gene from Sean and refused to leave the house/car to go to swimming lessons. We had more leg prying, but eventually he did get in the pool at the end of the lesson, and had a huge grin on his face the whole time he was paddling around.

Chris was off for Day 4, so he took them to the pool, and had no problems with them - some people have all the luck!

The second week of lessons was pretty much a repeat of Day 3. However my friend Cindy M. was my lifesaver this week and just picked Brian up and took him over to Ms Courtney for me. After that, no problems. Of course we had to repeat that every day.

By the time lessons were complete, both Brian and Sean had learned how to put their faces in the water and blow bubbles, swim on their own (holding onto a barbell), float on their backs for 5 seconds with assistance, and Brian was even able to float by himself for 3 seconds.

They know how to get in and out of the pool by themselves as well.

We practiced all of our new skills over at Club McDonald this weekend and impressed Gramma and Grampa to no end. What a difference these lessons made in their confidence in the water.

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