Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What you didn't know about me...

  1. Two nicknames that friends and family call me: C.P. (stands for Cinnamon Pearl - don't ask, my dad made it up when I was a little girl, and we still don't really know where it came from), and Cindy Mac
  2. Two items of clothing I would never get rid of: My Spiderettes sweatshirt. Man, is this thing "holy"! When I was a senior in college, I was on the dance squad that performed at half-time of the basketball games. I had seen girls wearing this sweatshirt my whole college career, and I was so proud to have one, that I will never give it up. The other item of clothing that I would never get rid of is my wedding gown. I may not ever have a daughter - and even if I do, she may not want to wear it - but I felt like a princess in this dress.
  3. Two movies that I can watch over and over again: The Princess Bride, and any of the Star Wars movies
  4. Two people that have influenced me the most: Mom and Dad!
  5. Two goals/dreams I hope to fulfill in my lifetime: I would love to have my card making business take off. I want to raise my children to be good, Catholic men (and possibly women). That one may sound trite, but it is something that is very important to me - probably one of the most important goals I have.
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