Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Times with Special Girls

One of the key visits we had during our time in VA was with the Foss family. Through the years that we have known the Fosses, our families have grown very close. I was very sad to be leaving my friend Elizabeth and all of her wonderful children (oh yeah, and Mike too!).

Due to illness beyond our control, I was only able to sit down with Elizabeth for about 15 minutes - which actually reminded me of when I lived only a couple of blocks from her as well! Most of the Foss kids were down for the count with varying degrees of the "yuck". However, Mary Beth, Katie, and Gracie, who by sheer amount of time spent at the Foss house is an honorary Foss, were healthy and we were able to play with them. Not a day went by while we were up there that these three wonderful little girls came over to play with my boys. It was a very special time for me to watch them playing together, and spend some time talking with Mary Beth - what a little mother she is! When we left, Katie told me she was going to come live with us in Florida - anytime little miss, anytime!

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