Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pla like Spa

That was how our D.J. introduced Terri at our wedding reception - Chris' and mine, not Terri and I! When I met Chris and started falling in love, I knew I needed to introduce him to Terri and Tony. Terri is one of those friends who just won't let you do anything, wear anything, say anything that will be bad for you. She's that unique friend who isn't afraid to tell you the truth - but she does it in such a nice way. She's also the funniest person I know. Truly, she could be on Saturday Night Live or be a stand-up. She has a way of telling a story that just can have you rolling on the ground. But I digress.

Somehow we were able to get together with the Pla family on our whirlwind VA trip. Now of course our schedules were so busy when we lived 10 miles from each other that we could never get together. But, move 1000 miles away, and somehow we manage to work it out!

We met at California Tortilla for dinner on Wednesday. The kids managed to shovel their food down and then went outside to run around. I'm sure some people were amazed at the din that arose in the patio between California Tortilla and Moby Dick's, but our kids were having a ball. There was lots of laughing, running and just having fun. We stayed longer than we intended, but we were all having such a good time that we didn't want it to end. We're looking forward to the Plas coming to our house for a quick visit this summer on their annual Florida trip.

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