Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun with Old Neighbors

First stop on our trip north was to see our old neighbors - the Sessoms, and Richards. After rolling in on Sunday afternoon, we had a nice dinner with the Sessoms in their "new" house. The kids had a great time playing together, and the adults enjoyed seeing each other again. Of course Chris and Phil got into political discussions - as they are wont to do! Chris' favorite memory of meeting Phil is when we went to a block party the night we moved into our new house and Phil was wearing a Young Republicans shirt - he knew they would be fast friends! Kelly and I caught up on our lives and enjoyed a glass of wine together.

Monday saw Chris heading off to work. And I began my whirlwind dance of visiting people. The day started with a quick trip to our local Starbucks - they really missed seeing me there since I have a very distinctive drink! Next we headed to our former next door neighbor, Stephanie's town house and got caught up in about an hour. Back to Mary Chris' house for a play date with Katie & Mary Beth Foss and Gracie. Out the door for an hour "teatime" with my friend (and Stampin' Up! buddy) Tara. Quick drive through McDonald's to throw some food at the small people and then off to our old next door neighbor's house - the Richards - for some playtime with Tyler. I spent some time catching up with Mark while the boys played together. Brian really misses Tyler - they were good buddies. Then on to meet up with Chris at the house and go together to meet David and Lala at Picante (my favorite Mexican restaurant) and finally home at 8:15 pm. I did mention that I ran my kinds into the ground, didn't I?

Here's slide show of our time with our former neighbors. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures coming soon.


Chris K said...

OK, for the record I met Phil when he came to our house to invite us to the block party...and it was a "Republican House Party" shirt he was wearing. But close enough...

Megan said...

Love all the slide shows!