Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Ice Cream & a Lizard

Yesterday was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. How great is that? Brian, Sean, Colin & I met up with our friends Ms. Kellie and Leighton at our local scoop shop. With all the yummy ice cream selections in front of them, Brian & Sean chose chocolate -boring! I opted for the ever popular Cherry Garcia - yum!

As you can see, I made a tactical error by not getting the boys' ice cream in a waffle cone for $1 more. Leighton stayed nice and neat, and well, you can see what happened!

Loving our free ice cream

Even Colin enjoyed his vanilla cone. Note the ice cream on top of his head from when he placed his cone upside down up there.

Now after ingesting all of that ice cream, we mommies decided that we needed to walk it off. We went to a local nature park and the kids ran around the boardwalk, and looked for insects and animals.
Here's Leighton and Colin on a bench in the defunct butterfly garden.

Please, let us out!

Due to the noise level provided by our children, not many animals or birds were enthused about coming out to see us. However we did see this lizard resting on a sign.

Ahh, what Old Florida must have looked like.

This was just a lovely shot of Spanish Moss hanging off a tree that our kids were running under.
As you can see, it was a fun day of ice cream and exploring - what more could little boys ask for?

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