Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trimming the tree

With all of our household goods locked safely away in storage until our house is finished (more on that later - ugh!), it was going to be a pretty barren Christmas in terms of decorations in our apartment.

I really enjoy decorating for Christmas. I love making my home festive and bright in anticipation of Christ's birth. I get this from my mother who always made our home so warm and inviting every year. The weekend of Thanksgiving was always reserved for getting the house decorated from top to bottom. I remember when we lived in Florida back in the late 80's and everyone getting up and climbing all over the roof to string the lights. Our house was always one that people came to see on their tour of homes.

So this year was looking to be woefully plain. That is until my sister Lori offered us the use of one of her Christmas trees. Like my mom, Lori puts up a couple of trees in her house as well. This year she sacrificed her decorating so that my boys would have a tree for Christmas. They had such a great time decorating the tree this year.

Even though our house is not all decked out, we are still enjoying the spirit of Advent and trying to make sure the boys know that what we are preparing for is more than just presents under the tree - we are preparing for the greatest gift of all.

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