Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No sympathy

I know I'm going to get no sympathy from anyone, but it has been "winter" down here in Florida. We decided to head over to Disney on Sunday since we had nothing planned for the afternoon (have to love the Florida Resident Pass!). Fortunately I had some sweatshirt jackets waiting in the car, because it was downright chilly!

I know, I know, it's hard to garner any sympathy when there are blizzards, and nor'easters abounding, but it wasn't just that we are wimpy Floridians, the majority of the people at the park were in jeans and sweatshirts or sweaters.

We now interrupt this blog post to share a Random Act of Kindness.

Despite the fact that there was a chill in the air, we forgot to put socks on Colin (poor 3rd child, I know) so by the time we were walking into the Magic Kingdom, his poor little piggies were really cold. We ran into the Emporium to find some $15 socks (at this point I was willing to pay it to get my baby warm) but had no luck. There were size 1-12 month socks that might have worked, but I wasn't willing to spend that much money for only a week's worth of wear! The only other pairs were for big kids. We plowed ahead to Adventureland where I checked out Agrabah's outdoor shops. No luck on the socks here either. However, another park go-er heard my plight and asked if I just needed some plain socks, then she had some. I told her I couldn't take her socks from her. She told me she had 4 pairs, it wasn't any big deal. She sat right down on the ground and began digging through her diaper bag. She actually apologized to me for it taking so long - um, hello, you're giving me your own personal socks, I think I can wait a couple of minutes! She pulled out a pair that had little pink and purple pom-poms on the cuff. She apologized (again!) for the girly socks - I told her I could cuff them in. I asked her if she would like to meet somewhere later to get her socks back and she told me to just keep them. It made me stop and think - would I offer up socks (or anything else) to a stranger in need. I sure hope so.Now off to commit a Random Act of Kindness - have to pay it forward.

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Terry said...

Hey Cindy, I have been the giver of random acts of kindness like that and I am sure you would have done the same. I can tell you that when you do them, it really feels awesome afterward. Spread the love around.