Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Got grass?

Well we do! As of yesterday, the landscapers were hard at work planting trees, shrubs, plants and laying sod. It's really starting to look like a house instead of a building just plopped in the middle of some dirt.

That tree on the right of the house looks lovely whilst looking out the window of the loft.

If anyone can identify that plant to the right of the front door, I would greatly appreciate it!

When I went over today to meet with the painter, I noticed that the carpets have been steam cleaned, the kitchen looks sparkling, and all of the tile floors have been mopped. Now we're just waiting on a couple of city papers to get pushed through and we're in! We will find out tomorrow afternoon if it is possible to close as early as this Friday. If you have a moment to say a little prayer that it all works out, I'd appreciate it. I know there are more important things and people to pray for, and we will be in this house within the next week and a half, but it would just be a huge stress reliever to be able to close this week. But I'm not in charge...

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