Sunday, August 26, 2007

You're on Vacation

As you can tell from the title of this post...drum roll please...I'd like to welcome you to the Loveliness of Summer Vacations!

Now go get a froo-froo drink with an umbrella in it, sit back and read about these fun vacations!

Since the summer of 2000, my extended family has gone down to Nags Head, NC for a week in July for our summer vacation. 2007 saw my dad retire from Pfizer, my parents selling their house in Virginia, and relocating to Florida in the month of July. Needless to say, the beach wasn't happening this year.

Instead, we headed down to Boone, NC at the beginning of June and met up with my brother Michael and his family for an extended weekend of fun in the mountains. Lest you think it was all we did was sit around in a cabin for four days, let me dispel you of this myth! The highlight of the weekend, at least for the 3 boys (and little Allison, too) was seeing Thomas the Tank Engine at Tweetsie Railroad. We spent the day at this great park, and the kids (even the adults) all had a ball.

Who's ready to ride?

The Little Blue Engine chugging down the tracks...

Brian & Dylan taking a break from the scenery for a photo op.

We saw Sir Topham Hatt.

We didn't think we could top our Day Out With Thomas, but coming in a close second was going trout fishing,

First time fishing for Brian.

Sean is not too sure about this whole fishing thing.

I caught the only fish for our clan!

and creek stomping.

Chris went down to help the kids in the creek and got sucked in! He ended up being muddy from head to toe!

Brian and Sean were very intently making a "castle" for their mommy out of rocks.

Colin loves creek stompin'!

Chris, Colin and I relaxing in the creek.

My birthday happened to fall during our vacation this year, and the kids all helped ice my birthday cake. It was very cute.

I hope you enjoyed this montage of our summer vacation. We had a great time, and we're looking forward to going back again next summer!

Now on with the show...

Chari spent 57 days on the road for her Star-Spangled summer vacation. Wow! Starting back in May, they left their happy little home and traveled through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, took a ride on the Mississippi River, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, to Niagara Falls for the 4th of July, back through Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota (and the first of 3 Little House days). I can't even begin to do justice to her narration, so you'll just have to check out the various postings. However, in each state they managed to pick up "fat quarters" for their quilting projects, and took sunset pictures each night - there are some mighty good-looking sunsets around this great country of ours.

Many of you have followed Theresa of LaPaz Farm, during her summer adventure in Alaska. She has written a beautiful summation of their time there and what they miss the most about Kodiak, AK.

Elena spent her vacation in Upper Michigan for a family reunion. There were lots of aunts, uncles and cousins running around having a great time and making wonderful memories together - especially loved the log cabin and all the folks sitting around the quilting frame!

Joanna (aka Mrs. Granola) took her family on a mini-vacation to the great state of Virginia this year. They were able to have a very special moment at Arlington National Cemetery, and a chance to visit the father of our country's home. Nothing like bringing history alive for your kids.

Mary has a great recap of family vacations past and present - it is so amazing to see pictures of Mary as a child in many of the same places she has taken her family and now has pictures of her children.

While Amy hasn't had a traditional "vacation" in awhile, the kind of vacation that she takes is one of the most awe-inspiring kinds of all!

Elizabeth's summer has been incredibly busy - traveling here there and everywhere. But through it all, she and her children have found incredible beauty that has really inspired her for this coming school year.

And finally, my sister-in-love, Terry has a wonderful video recapping Summer 2007 with her family. They managed to incorporate fun times with getting some of the best medical care for their daughter. You've got to love it when everything comes together in perfect harmony.

So there you have it - Summer Vacations 2007. I hope you have enjoyed your time here. I know I have enjoyed hosting this fair and reading what everyone has enjoyed this summer. If I didn't get your submission, please feel free to leave it in the comments section, and I will try and add it in.


Elena said...

Nice job! Thanks for hosting us!

Terry said...

Nice job Cindy. Love that Thomas Tank Engine. I also love your fish! Ryan would be extremely proud. The kids look cute as buttons.

Jane Ramsey said...

Oooo, my boys would have LOVED to see Thomas 'in person"! How Cool!

Wonderful fair, Cindy! You did a great job. (Sorry I didn't get a chance to send you anything for it!)

MaryM said...

Thanks, Cindy, this was really fun.