Friday, August 17, 2007

Birthday Party #2

As a follow up to yesterday's post, here are the details on Jack-Jack and Christian's birthday party. Jack-Jack and Christian are 2 little boys, not related, who live on our block and are Sean's age. This year they had a joint birthday party in the alley. Huh? It might sound strange to some people, but it's part of life here where I live. My street shares an alleyway with the street behind us - it's where our garages or parking pads can be accessed. It is also the site where kids gather to ride bikes, play ball, draw with chalk, and have birthday parties (or block parties for the adults).

We hit the alley at around 6 p.m. There were enough beer-boiled hot dogs for an army - which would be great if my boys ate anything other than peanut butter sandwiches or chicken nuggets. The boys really enjoyed the red fruit punch however!
Then around 6:30 the party really got started. Firefighter Sam and his crew showed up - they were scheduled to come, no one set anything on fire!The firemen sprayed the kids with the hose again. Much fun in the water!

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Terry said...

Such a cute idea. I was not aware that you can have a firetruck come to your party. What would happen if they got a call?

By the way, I am starting a second blog called "empowering you, empowering others." I have it linked to my main blog. I hope you subscribe to it because I hope to have many things on that blog for everyone in all walks of life and I am going to ask you to guest blog too when you are not so busy! Ha ha