Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Okay, so it wasn't a dance party, but we did have a good time. Saturday afternoon was the annual block party for our street. We share an alleyway with the street behind us, and most afternoons when the weather is nice you'll find children running around, riding their bikes, and just generally having a good ole' time out in the alley while their parents hang around and watch the frivolity.

However, at the end of the summer we have a scheduled, planned out block party. Everyone brings their own food to grill, and a dish to share - be it chips and dip, a salad or dessert. You can also bring an adult beverage or two. Since my sweat was sweating, I decided that water was a better option for me this year!

Every year, the local volunteer fire department comes to our party - fully equipped with a "real" fire truck and ambulance! The kids love it! Last year they let all of the kids take a turn shooting the water out of the hose.

There are always tours of the fire truck.

A future firefighter, perhaps?

This year, one of the firefighters brought all of the kids down to the end of the alley next to the ambulance because he had an "important job" that he needed help with. As soon as they were all gathered, the firefighter perched atop the fire truck opened the hose and drenched the kids!

It was hysterical to watch them frolicking in the water.

We will very much miss this neighborhood when we move.

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Jane Ramsey said...

Wow! My kids would LOVE that!