Monday, August 13, 2007

Colin at 8 months (more like 8.5, but who's counting, right?)

Colin just keeps growing and growing. He is fully on the move now. Always smiling (except when he's really hungry or tired). Adores his brothers, his mommy and daddy. Getting into everything and putting it into his mouth. Has 1.5 teeth, and weighs in (as of 8/2) at 13 lbs, 3 oz. We'll go in for another weight check sometime this week...say a little prayer that he's up to 13.5 lbs or we're going to have to have some tests done on the little man.

The following is a picture story of determination...

I really want that hat - it's so yellow.

Got it!

Now, what do I do with it?

No more pictures, please!


Terry said...

Let us know about the weight. I love the hard hat...maybe he has construction company in his future. He can go work for Greg!

Jane Ramsey said...

Oh, he's adorable. I love that last picture!