Friday, August 24, 2007

Farewell to the Fosses

Not actually, since I know that I will be seeing Elizabeth and her gang between now and the time we leave (she doesn't have a choice - I'm going to camp out on her doorstep!). However, coordinating a time when Mike was going to be home and we weren't gallivanting around the countryside saying good-bye to the multitudes of people we know and love, was a difficult feat, but we arranged it nonetheless.

We decided that our little farewell get-together was going to be over dessert. Now, who can resist a lot of chocolate with your dear friends? I know we sure couldn't. The gathering began with Mike and Chris running out to pick up the star quarterback/wide receiver/kicker/safety from practice. This left Elizabeth and I with a house full of kids and a job to do. Chris, in his ever so brilliant way, designed a shopping cart for Elizabeth to add to her blog so that people who attended (or weren't able to attend) the 4 Real Conference, can purchase the CDs and DVDs. Together, Elizabeth and I figured out how to get it up there, and voila - people can now feel like they were there.

Tonight was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Either it's because I know that I will get together with Elizabeth again before our journey south, or because of all the crazy kids running around - including Brian who was scared silly of Frodo the dog! I don't know, not sure which it was.

Regardless, I didn't cry - which I was fully expecting to. But then again, Elizabeth and I have one of those friendships that doesn't require us to sit down face to face every day. In fact, despite the fact that they live oh, about a half mile from us, I don't really see her very often. We talk on the phone though - a lot! It's really nice to have a friend like her who just "gets" it. She gets me, where I'm coming from, where I want to go, and she has always been such a great support for me. I don't really know what I'm going to do without her around, (okay, tearing up now) but I know she will always be my dear friend, and I can always count on her. I hope she knows that I would do anything for her also. If she doesn't, maybe she will after reading this.

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