Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Had to Get Away...

Sneaking this Tuesday Twosome in under the wire...

  1. Two places you go to for relaxation (spa, beach, etc.) Given my druthers, I would spend a day at the spa - massage, pedicure, facial, body wrap, etc. - my tub!
  2. Two activities you do to relax: Rubber stamp, & read, read, read!
  3. Two people who are able to calm you when you are stressed-out: Chris, & Elizabeth
  4. Two songs that always make you feel better: Eagle's Wings and anything by Third Day
  5. Two people/pets that you miss the most when you go on vacation/holiday: Let's see, I only have 1 pet now {:-( }, so I miss Miss Bailey. Oh, and I miss Daniella -we talk often, and I feel the difference when I don't talk to her as often.

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