Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Furniture Abounding

Part of the "problem" of moving into a much bigger house than the one we moved from is needing to fill all of the rooms. Surprisingly, we were pretty set in most areas. We have a living/dining room, and we really didn't want to put a lot of furniture in the "living" area since most of the time we are in the family room. But with just the dining room table and a love seat, the room looked pretty barren. So we set out to fill it. And fill it we did!
This is our new and improved dining room. We added a buffet and a china cabinet. When Chris got the table (right before we met), he didn't have room in his townhouse for a china cabinet. Now that we do have room, they have discontinued the line. We found another line that we like, and it blends nicely with what we have (or at least we think so!).
And here is Chris' pride and joy - well next to his family of course! We weren't really in the market for a bar, but while we were looking at the dining room furniture, Chris noticed that the store also had a selection of bars. Since we lost his wet bar when we moved, this is perfect for him. Even more so that the area we had before, since that was in the basement, and not really accessible when we entertained. This bar is in the front of the house and is REALLY nice. You're all welcome to come belly up to this bar - margaritas on the house!
Here is our new family room. We got new couches, and a recliner for Chris. We got new tables, lamps and a rug. And the big honkin' unit around the t.v. I can't tell if it makes the t.v. look bigger or smaller, but I love the way it looks regardless.
And finally, the masculine office. We sold Chris' desk before we moved, and were planning on getting him some new office furniture. When we got down here, we found out that the Bombay Company was going out of business and liquidating their stock. We found a set we liked, and waited it out. We got a great deal on the furniture and it looks beautiful. A big difference from this.

So there you have it. Our house is still a work in progress, but it's really starting to feel more like home. Well, actually anywhere that has all of my boys in it feels like home to me, but you know what I mean.

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Cheryl said...

It all looks beautiful! We'll be in our new house 2 years in June and we're still plugging away at decorating. I want to hang something on our walls soon.