Tuesday, October 23, 2007

House Progress

I have been meaning to post on the progress of our new home and since the pictures I take are large in size (and I don't know how to resize them) I thought I would take everyone on a pictorial tour of the progress that's been made on our future home.

The form boards go up - should be about 90 days from this point that we close!

Foundation is poured!
The cement blocks are ready to build the first floor...
And now we have our first floor!
And the second story is up!
View from the "foyer" - roof joists
View from my future kitchen window - well, minus the sink, countertops, cabinets, window panes, a nice valance, window sill, a pool out back and grass - but you get the picture!
Side view of the house
Back of the house
This is today's shot - at least from the morning. They are working on the front elevation - see the right side of the picture. As of this afternoon (according to Chris), they had put tar paper on almost all of the roof!
More pictures will follow as I get them. We are so excited about our new house and can't wait until it's complete so that we can make it a home.

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