Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First "Real" Haircuts

I have struggled and struggled with cutting Brian and Sean's hair. Brian, once I started using the clippers, actually did pretty well. But Sean, well, that's a whole other story. I tried bribing them with lollipops to distract them during the cut. Once again, Brian kept his nicely in his mouth while mommy trimmed him up. Sean's lollipop was covered in hair and snot. It took 2 of us to cut his hair as Chris had to basically pin him against his shirt while I tried to rapidly trim the hair. Many times we ended up with either a "too short in the back" experience, or a "slightly uneven" one.

I finally bit the bullet and took them to a salon. But not just any salon - oh no. We went to Snip-its. This lovely establishment was created for kids. When we walked in, Brian and Sean were given an Adventure Card that they were told to hold on to. When we went back for the haircuts, there are seats for mommy right next to their chairs. They were strapped in, draped, and ready to go. While the stylist cuts the child's hair, there are movies playing (or for an older child - computer games), lollipops and wonderful stylists who are so gentle and calm.

There were no tears, no snotty lollipops, nothing. Well, nothing except super cute haircuts!

And did I forget to mention the lovely green...
and blue highlights?
I was reassured that they wash out.

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Mary Beth Foss said...

First thing Stephen said was "so they can get green and blue but I can't dye my hair red!"