Saturday, October 06, 2007

6 Wonderful Years

Today Chris and I celebrate 6 years of married bliss. We have shared so much in this short time together.

I truly believe that God had Chris in mind for me, and me for him. It just took us a long time to find each other - actually, it took Tom a long time to set up a meeting between the two of us! Tom used to work for my dad, and would tell both Chris and I, individually, that he had the perfect person for the other one. His description of Chris to me was: he's Catholic, Irish, works for the CIA, drives a BMW, loves to eat, and can drink! The first one was a biggie for me. After about 18 months of hearing about me, Chris finally told Tom to either put up or shut up - introduce us or stop talking about me.

6 months after meeting each other, Chris asked me to become his wife. I knew this one was different from the beginning. I just knew we were going to get married one day, and I wasn't worried about it. In the past, I was always focused on getting married and talking about it with the person I was dating at the time. I really wanted to be a wife and mother, and in wanting to achieve my dream, I tried desperately to fit the proverbial round peg into the square hole - over and over and over again. Not so with Chris. I don't think we ever actually talked about getting married - it was just something we both felt, and knew in our hearts was the right thing. It was actually wonderful being surprised by his proposal.

10 months later we were married. I know there were some people in my life who were a little concerned with the speed with which my relationship with Chris blossomed. They were just worried I was rushing into something that would end up hurting me in the end. Nothing could be further from the reality of my life with Chris. We have our ups and downs just like any other couple, but I wouldn't trade my life with him for anything. He is the man I'm supposed to share my life with and I am so blessed that we are walking this road together. I love you today, tomorrow and forever. Happy anniversary my love.


Ruth said...

A happy and blessed anniversary to you and Chris.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's tell the real story... Gene was dying to get Cindy out of the house, so he offered his ARM, Tom $2000 in ACE points if he would get her married. So, Tom found someone, anyone, a warm body to meet Cindy over Margaritas. He knew the alcohol would get them schnockered and the rest is history. Tom never did get his $2000 in ACE points from Gene.

Spinneretta said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And may there be MANY more years to come!

Jen said...

I cannot believe that it's been six years already! Because that would meant that we're getting older.