Sunday, October 07, 2007

Florida bugs just won't die!

The other night I went out to the kitchen to put my glass in the dishwasher. When I turned on the light, I encountered this...
In most other areas of the country, this is called a roach. In Florida, we call them Palmetto bugs. They are big, and nasty, and when you smash them with a trash can repeatedly, they don't die. I know this for a fact because my Chief Bug Killer, who used the aforementioned trash can, had a darn hard time killing that bugger (pun completely intended here). After he thought the guy was dead, he went back in the kitchen to get a paper towel to pick him up. When he made the three step return to pick up the monster, IT WAS STILL MOVING!!!

Yuck - bugs are something I could certainly live without. Unfortunately, such is my life now.


Jane Ramsey said...

Welcome to Florida! ;-)

Terry said...

A good exterminator is a must.

nutmeg said...

Texas is the WORST for these guys... I shudder just thinking about them