Friday, February 09, 2007

Tool Time Terri

My good friend Terri came over yesterday evening to (finally) meet Colin. We've just had a hard time coordinating schedules - she has 3 active elementary school kids, and well, I'm a little busy myself in a different way altogether.

I remember when I was pregnant with Brian and there was no one happier for Chris and I (other than our families) than Terri. She has always been such a good friend to me. She tells me like it is, and before I met Chris, she was the one who would never let me sell myself short when it came to relationships. She knew I was worth more and that I deserved someone who would treat me right. She was correct, as usual, and gave Chris the big thumbs up after meeting him.

So back to babies - I have a picture of Terri and Brian when he was around a week old. He's "kissing" her cheek and it's just the cutest thing ever.
So I was thrilled that it finally worked out where she could slip away from work to come meet the newest Kelly. Of course as soon as she came in, she ran to wash her hands and took Colin from me and pretty much didn't put him down the entire time she was here. Terri is a sucker for a baby!

Because she's such a wonderful friend, she picked up a Dr. Pepper for me from McD's and some cookies for the "big" boys. As is the case with men, a way to a little boy's heart is through his tummy. Brian and Sean took Terri downstairs to see their school room. Sean then decided he wanted to go into the bathroom. That alone wasn't a problem - it was when he turned the lock that it became a problem! And of course this isn't the kind of lock that can be popped open with those little keys that sit above your door. Nooo, this is the kind that you have to take the door knob off. So, Tool Time Terri comes to the rescue. She popped that knob off and peeked in to say hello to Sean. While Sean snuggled with me to calm down, Terri put the door back together for us.

We're so glad Terri was around to save the day!

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Jennifer in TX said...

Good friends are a blessing--I'm so glad you have Terri in your life. I have a dear friend who brings me a fountain drink from McD's when she comes to visit--I could relate to that bit of your story alot! God bless you, Cindy!