Friday, February 02, 2007

A Great Day of "School"

Today was a great day. Not only did Colin turn 2 months old (see previous post), but Sean had his cast removed and is walking on his own 2 feet, and we had a great day of "school".

Chris took the morning off to take Sean to have the cast removed. We did this because as strong as I am, I am no match for a 2 year old who does not want to have that saw come anywhere near him! Let me clarify - Sean doesn't like anything about the orthopedists office. The physician's assistant told Chris that everything looks healed; I'm sure she was telling the truth, but there was an ulterior motive - she didn't want the screaming little boy to come back to the office!

Once he got home, Sean was moving and grooving like his normal self. He came downstairs and joined Brian, Colin and I where we had been doing "school".

It was nice to have an hour or 2 alone with Brian to focus on learning. We went down to the schoolroom and got to work. We pulled out our movable alphabet and spelled some words. I asked him to spell "fox", "cat", "dog" and "bus". He spelled them all correctly. Then we moved on to working with opposites. Uncle Michael and Aunt Jennifer sent some opposites cards that I laminated and we laid them out on the floor and worked on matching them together. We also read a dinosaur book that works on numbers. Brian was also quite enchanted with Sean's Fold & Go Barn. Since we have been reading If Jesus Came to My House this week, which has a section on shadows, I tied in Groundhog Day with the book. I showed Brian a picture of a groundhog and explained what the story is behind Groundhog Day. He then followed directions on 2 coloring pages on Groundhog Day, and then we did some "math" pages - he had to count each of the groundhogs, the shadows, and the burrows on each page.

After Sean came home we read about the Presentation of our Lord at the Temple from our child's Rosary book. I compared the presentation to Colin's recent baptism. Brian and Sean then colored a coloring page on the Presentation. Sean was pretty cute about it. I pointed to each of the people in the picture and he enthusiastically repeated them after me - Baby Jesu, Mary, Joes, Sime, and Anna (and no, I didn't misspell those names). He even remembered them this evening when we were showing Daddy what we did today. I was quite impressed with my middlest man.

The day ended by sticking to one of Chris' resolutions - to have one day a week where he doesn't eat any meat (not even seafood). We made a nice romantic dinner of cheese fondue - Yummy!

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Jane Ramsey said...

It sounds like your boys are pretty enthusiastic learners. Congrats on Sean getting his cast off--that must be a big relief to you! Be sure to look at my blog sometime soon--I tagged you for a "meme'. Have fun!