Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh goodie

'Cause we haven't had enough rain already - guess what's pouring out of the sky right now?

Yesterday we were watching some of our neighbors get in their SUVs and slowly drive through the river that is our neighborhood streets. We could see them manage to get out of the neighborhood. Chris went into the middle of the street and thought it looked like we would be able to get out of the driveway to go to the store. I asked if I could go since I was going a little stir crazy, and I figured if Chris was going to leave for work on Friday I'd like to get out of the house by myself. Chris was pretty worried about me going by myself, but I assured him that if it looked bad that I would just turn around and come home.

Datapoint: A Saturn VUE is not high enough to get out of our neighborhood in its current water state. How do I know this, you ask? I tried. And the car died. Right in the middle of the street. Fortunately there are only about 15 homes occupied in our neighborhood, so I wasn't in danger of getting run over as I sat in the middle of the road in our dead car. I opened the window to see if I would be able to open the door and not get the car flooded. While looking at the water, I saw fish swimming by - yes, in the street!

At this moment, an angel driving a monster truck came by. She lives right outside of our neighborhood and wanted to "sight see" in the flooded area. She told me she didn't have any towing cables on her, but if I was okay with waiting, she could head back home and get the cable to tow me. Um, I'm not going anywhere, so yeah, I'm okay with waiting for your generosity! She came back shortly with not only the chain, but her husband. He hooked the car up and I was pulled back to our house. At this point they are asking if we need anything since I had mentioned that I was going to the store. They were insistent on going to get us some milk. When they returned I made sure to exchange phone numbers and said lots of prayers in thanksgiving for the gift of kind strangers. I have a feeling we're going to become good friends with these people.


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

What a beautiful story of how people come together in hard times. Now stay put! :)

Shaun and Anna said...

What a blessing! I love it!! :) Sorry you guys are stuck! Was he able to get out to go to work today??? :0 much love...I'd say, let me know if you NEED anything, but I doubt my van would do justice to your river either!