Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not out of the woods

Or rather, not out of the water yet. The rain seems to be coming down even harder today. Chris has been draining the pool all day long, and is just barely keeping up with keeping the pool from flooding over.
As you can see, one of our trees has fallen over. And no, typically it is not located in the lake in our backyard!
Chris has now moved that tree further up into our backyard. If you can see that stick in the right side of the picture, that is our property marker...and from there (typically) the yard slopes down to the lake.
Here is our front yard. Once again, in normal circumstances, we don't have a river running in front of our house - it's the street. You can also see the sidewalk at the top of the picture underneath the water.
And the last view of the front yard. I moved the both cars up so that they are almost touching the garage as the water was already creeping up past the back tires. From the street to the top of the water line was 20 of my feet (size 8)

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Daniella & David said...

Oh no! You've got it coming from both sides! Stay safe - someday it will stop raining!