Monday, August 18, 2008

First Library Visit

As an adult I have never had a library card. Which is rather surprising considering how much I love to read. You would really have thought that checking books out from the library would have been much easier on my budget over the years. But I digress.

Today I took the boys to the library for the first time. I figured with Tropical Storm Fay bearing down on us it might be helpful to have some "new" books to read - especially if we lose power at any point over the next couple of days. I strapped Colin into his stroller and we trekked into our local library. Brian and Sean did really well. I prepped them on the way in that we don't use loud voices in the library - of course they wanted to know "why?"!

We walked right over to the children's section - which was very empty since today was the first day of public school. I was totally not prepared for the library. I didn't have a list of books; I was going in cold and was totally lost. But Brian and Sean weren't. They immediately found the Bob Books and took some over to the little table to read while I was perusing the selections to bring home. It was awfully cute watching Sean help Brian when he got stuck on a word. I managed to find a couple of books that go along with our study of China and the Olympics - The Mud Flat Olympics and Dumpling Soup.

When we were ready to go, Sean had to be convinced to put back 12 of the 15 Bob Books he was holding. I told you he likes books! While we were at the check out desk, the librarian said, "Oh, that's who was making that noise -he sounded like a siren." She was referring to Colin making his new "uuh-ooh-uuh-ooh" noise.

In addition to the books I found, Sean checked out 3 Bob Books, and Brian checked out 2 Bob Books. They were so excited that they "bought" new books at the library. I'm looking forward to using this wonderful resource as we live and learn together this year.

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Paula in MN said...

What a great memory! I've taken the kids to the Library for years, and I don't remember the first time for either one of them. I do remember when they each got their own card - all I could think of was "yes, we can request 30 more books!"