Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kelsey's 1st Birthday

This past weekend we went down to my sister's house for an "intimate" gathering of 60 of Kelsey's closest friends to celebrate her 1st birthday. Now, I must pause and admit that we probably had about 40 people at Brian's first birthday party - but most of them were adults since we all know that your first child's first birthday party is all about you, right?

Lou's mom made Kelsey's cake. It was absolutely darling - and tasted even better to boot! There was a ton of yummy food (with only 1/2 a ton left over), and the boys had a great time running around with the 22 other kids at the party. Brian certainly wasn't shy. He made fast friends with an 8 year old boy. They were out leading the "pirate crew" on the "pirate ship".

Now that Kelsey is starting to walk, she and Colin are going to have much more fun together. Their 8 month age difference is becoming less dramatic. It's going to be so much fun watching them grow together.

Happy birthday, Kelsey. We love you!

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