Friday, July 25, 2008

Prayer Life

Over on the 4 Real Boards, someone asked what other people's prayer routines were like. This really got me to thinking about how I would describe my prayer life & routine.

Lately I have been in a very dry patch in my prayer life - and I have felt the effects of it, let me tell you! Once I realized that I was under attack, I asked for prayers from my friends, and with their prayers for me, I began to refocus on the Lord and have been feeling my life settle back into order.

In the morning, before I get out of bed, I say a St. Anne's Chaplet. I have developed a deep devotion to the grandmother of Jesus as of late. The chaplet is quick and easy to say, and I like to start my morning off with this devotion.

Throughout the day I will find myself saying short, informal prayers for people I know who are in need of prayers. I typically don't stop in the middle of the day to say a Rosary. Maybe I should try, but for the time being, I pray my Rosary in the quiet moments in my house while Chris is putting the boys to bed. Or if he is out of town, I go to my room after I've gotten the boys down, and pray my Rosary. I am finding that this centers me and has been helping me transition from being mommy all day to being Cindy.

Right before I head off to bed at night, I have begun praying the Chaplet of St. Michael. I have been reading the book Angel Power on the recommendation of my spiritual director for my Christ Renews His Parish formation group. I am gaining a better understanding of angels. Last week, Andrea gave all of us at formation this Chaplet prayer. One of the nice things about this chaplet, is that if said daily, St. Michael promises that an escort of 9 angels from each of the 9 choirs will escort you to receive communion. And deliverance from purgatory for me and all my relatives isn't a bad deal either! This prayer is a little more complex than my other ones and harder to memorize, so I've been reading it nightly. It gives me a sense of peace before I go to sleep.

What does your prayer life consist of? Do you do anything special for yourself, or with your kids? I'd love to hear it.

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