Friday, January 11, 2008


I was over at Elizabeth's blog checking out her latest and greatest (or rather, only!) political post. I went ahead and clicked on over to Candidate Calculator to see who I should vote for this fall. If I didn't know what a particular issue was, I did my due diligence and read up on it. After making all of my decisions on the issues, I clicked on the magic button and waited to see what inspiration would be given to me.

I was told that I should vote for Duncan Hunter. Who???? If the site didn't tell me that he is a Representative from California, I would have thought he might have been my neighbor - and there aren't very many of those! Maybe it's because he was excluded by the media in the last 2 GOP debates that I have no idea who he is. He was an 89.47% match. My runners up were - Mitt Romney (89.47%), Tom Tancredo (85.96%), and Sam Brownback (85.09%). At least I've heard of a couple of those people. And just to show that I'm right on target with my views, Hilary Clinton came in on the Bottom of the Barrel category.

Like Elizabeth, I think I might be more confused now than when I started. I'd better consult with my political analyst!

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