Monday, January 28, 2008

This one's for Stephen & Nicky...

I'm always asked if Brian & Sean are twins since they are so close in age. This is a question my friend Elizabeth is often also asked about her boys, Stephen & Nicholas. Stephen and Nicky love to wear the same outfits - as do my boys.

In the midst of my unpacking I ran across a number of clothes that Elizabeth gave me awhile back, and lo and behold they now fit my boys. So this morning before we headed out to the park I had Brian & Sean pose in their "Foss Fashions". So this one's for you Stephen & Nicky...thanks for being our friends! (PS - To get the boys to smile I had them say "Katie!" - worked like a charm!)

1 comment:

Mary Beth Foss said...

Hey you're right!!! Those do look like something that Stephen and Nicky have worn!!!!

We love and miss you guys!!!

Mary Beth