Thursday, October 09, 2008

6th Picture Post

So the instructions for this meme are very easy:

Go to your picture folder - go to the 6th folder and then the 6th picture in that folder and post it.

Now, I'm kind of cheating. I have this folder in my picture folder that doesn't have any pictures in it. So this is my result if I go exactly by the letter of the law:

This was last November. We were living in our sparsely furnished apartment while waiting for our house to be finished. We had nothing to put up for Christmas until my sister Lori lent us her extra Christmas tree and some ornaments. Chris and the boys are setting up our tree.

Now, if I go by the spirit of the law, this would be the 6th picture in my picture folder.
This picture was taken last November also - at Thanksgiving. All of my brothers and sister came to town as well as my Grandma Summers and her husband Lyman. My parents had a photographer come to the house.

If you feel like playing, leave me a comment and let me know - I'd love to see your picture/pictures!

HT: Kimberly

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Lori Beth said...

I played along with you for once.....